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Random EXOS question involving a summit x440

  • 14 July 2020
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I recently picked up a used/Refurbished Summit x440 that came with ExtremeOS 15.2.1b5  preloaded.  

A LOT of students are wanting to use this with Ansible and/or  netmiko/napalm/nornir for network automation.

Ansible does still has a couple of EXOS network modules,  but the platforms options mentions you could use "httpapi" in the vars,  instead of "network_cli"    (the "network_os" is still specified at "exos", though).

Do that image on that x440 actually support this (and would using httpapi be better), would I need to get a support contract to get a more recent one,   or amI just be spinning my wheels, and better off trying to walk them through importing the  EXOSVM in CML-P instead? 

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