Rate Limiting with Timer on Extreme

Hello Community, Have some of you configure Rate limiting with Timing on Extreme Networks Switches? We have a customer who is going to migrate from Cisco to Extreme , they are an ISP that use Rate Limiting with timing on their clients , they want to provide all day 10MB from monday to friday and 15MB on weekends . This is an example that i found from cisco : time-range DAILY-0900-2100 periodic daily 7:00 to 21:00 ! ip access-list extended ACL-0900-2100 permit ip any any time-range DAILY-0900-2100 ip access-list extended ACL_ALL_HOURS permit ip any any ! class-map match-all 256K match access-group name ACL-0900-2100 class-map match-all 1M match access-group name ACL_ALL_HOURS ! policy-map POLICY-IN class 256K police 256000 8000 exceed-action drop class 1M police 1000000 12500 exceed-action drop So How to configure rate limiting with timing on Extreme Networks Switches? Thanks .

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I see that you have policy-map policy-in, but:
- do you need rate limit egress and ingress or only ingress ?
- do you need rate limit on port or on vlan ?
- or maybe rate limit per IP address ?

You can use for example: meter + ACL + upm script.
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You may also be interested in this thread, which should give you some ideas on how UPM scripting works.