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Replacing a failed Summit X450 in a stack

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Create Date: Sep 3 2013 5:28PM

Just hoping I could get a pointed in the correct direction. I have about 20 closets with mostly x450's in virtual stacks. For the most part they have been stable and running without issues. We have had to add additional switches a few times and I have a process for that which works well. I have been tasked to write up a new procedure for if and when a X450 fails in one of the stacks, and how to replace it with as little downtime as possible.
Have done some searches both with Google, and on Extreme support and have not found much of what I'm looking for yet.

I assume the commands are very similar to adding a new switch to the stack.

1) Make sure software and licenses match
2) Swap out the failed switch with new switch and connect stacking cables
3) Console into master switch and issue command "synchronize stacking node-address (Mac of new switch)"
4) Issue the next command "configure stacking node-address (Mac of new switch) slot-number (slot of failed switch)
5) restart the new switch only

Is this the correct sequence of commands? It is very similar to what we use when adding a new switch to a stack, and I thought the process would be very identical. Unfortunately I don't have a couple of spares to use as a test either.

Thanks for any help! (from Sam_Perkins)

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Create Date: Sep 4 2013 6:13AM

Can't check this, but I think that you need enable stacking on new sw before restart (from pacan4ik1_pacan4ik1)
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Create Date: Sep 7 2013 1:54AM

Here's a guide on how to replace the Master Node in a stack with minimal impact on the operation of the stack. It may be a good guide for what you are trying to do...

One thing to remember is that not only must the new switch run the same EXOS version as the remaining switches in the stack, but it has to be stored IN THE SAME partition (primary/secondary)...

Regards, Daniel
(from Daniel_Flouret)
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Create Date: Sep 10 2013 1:43PM

That is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! (from Sam_Perkins)