Required Ericsson specific API calls for openstack

As we work on creating new test case using tempest for extreme specific neutron command(like device-create,device-list and etc),We would like to know the rest call using curl to get the list of devices and others too in open stack.

Kindly suggest us.


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Please some one respond it.

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I'm not quite sure what you are asking.
Are you asking for OpenStack REST API's or EXOS API's to be called from OpenStack?
If you are looking for EXOS interfaces, have you seen
Thanks Dave.We need EXOS API's to be called from OpenStack. Kindly point the reference document.
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The link I sent is a JSONRPC interface available beginning with EXOS 21.1.x. What other reference document are you looking for?
Thanks Dave. It would be good if we get the supported OpenStack REST API's also.