Restore one x440 config from a different x440

  • 25 September 2020
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We have several x440s and lost one before taking a backup of that and now we got a replacement for that.

We have backups from few other switches in a tftp server as .cfg files.

Since those are floor switches the switch configurations are quite similar.

Is it possible to open a cfg file of another switch, change the switch IP in the .cfg file (so new switch will have a unique IP in the network), save it as a new file and restore it to the replacement switch we got?

If not what will be the best way to get the new switch up and running ?

1 reply

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The easiest way is method 1 in the article below:

How to upload an EXOS configuration backup to a TFTP server


From there you can change/manipulate any layer 3 interfaces or port configuration and tftp that file back on the switch(or switches) in question.


Chris Thompson