Route balancing

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Hi, all!

For example there is 2 border routers connected to 1 switch.
1 border - main provider, 2 border - reserved provider.
We can configure flow-redirect with, for example, ping health check.

Is there other variant to configure route balancing?

Thank you!

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OSPF would be one possibility. With path costs you can influence the the packet flow.
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You could use ECMP, but this will split traffic approximately evenly between the next-hops (it actually uses the same algorithms as LAGs for hashing).
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ECMP not actually that what I need.
I mean configuration which corporate often used in the network - primary and secondary (backup) uplink to provider.
Network work across primary uplink (secondary don't using), when primary failed, then work through secindary uplink.

Thank you!
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If your two border routers already use BGP and talk BGP to each other - even if it's only for the default route - you could give router 1's route a higher preference. If router-1's link dies, everything goes through router-2.
You could even add your central switch as another BGP peer (peering with your border routers), which only gets default-route adverts from your border routers, with one router preferred over the other. In that case, if your border router dies (and not only the uplink), everything goes through your connected router.
I'm assuming that your two routers talk BGP to the providers and to each other.