Routing between VRF's

  • 8 January 2014
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Create Date: May 14 2012 12:32AM


Is it possible to route between VRF's in the same switch?
I have been reading up on VR and VRF's and it looks like I need to upgrade and use VRF.

I have two core routers with VRRP for 8 vlans.

I want to add another 6 vlans in a different VRF but I want to be able to route between the first 8 and the 6 new vlans.

Of course will recreate the first 8 vlan and put them in a separate VRF but in the same VR.


(from Mats_Blomgren)

3 replies

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Create Date: May 14 2012 8:13AM

Do you mean Cisco definition of VRF?

Extreme's implementation of Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) is limited to Layer 3 routing. If you want to reach a network on a different virtual-router, you will need to exit the default gateway or static route and then enter back the same way. Normally a firewall is used to separate between virtual-routers. Either way, you will need to egrees a switch port.

(from john_padilla)
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Create Date: May 14 2012 10:23PM

Thanks for the answer.

I mean Extremes VRF.

Thats the thing. I want to offload the firewall by moving routing from the firewalls to the core switches.

I guess I can always use two ports and connect them to eachother with a fiber all though its a dirty solution. It should work if I have two different vlans (one in each vrf) and then use a /30 link. and then do the same on the other coreswitch.

The big questions is. Why can't you route between virtual-routers?

(from Mats_Blomgren)
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Create Date: May 15 2012 6:36AM

It's indended to isolated; kind of the same way you separate L2 broadcast domains into VLANs. This same concept is used for L3 separation. Why would you have separate virtual-routers if you are looking to do inner vlan routing?

(from john_padilla)