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routing via interface on extreme 670, xos 15.3

  • 1 June 2014
  • 5 replies


On some linux server i have routing via interface:

ifconfig eth0
route add -net dev eth0

I'd like do the same on extreme 670, but i can't

something like this:
configure vlan999 ipaddress
configure iproute add vlan999

Is there some trick or other way to get this kind of functionality ? second/multi addresses on interface has some cons for me..

thanks for help,

5 replies

There is correct fdb entry but there is no iparp entry for this ip address.

show iproute "vlan999"
Ori Destination Gateway Mtr Flags VLAN Duration
#s 1 U----S-um--f- vlan999 9d:10h:39m:17s
d 1 -------um---- vlan999 3d:9h:27m:48s

as i said before: second/multi addresses on interface has some cons for me and i looking another solution.
Check your netmask in vlan 999 and you need to have second vlan with network
Userlevel 4
To see the egress ACL counter use the command "show access-list counter egress".

Confirm the ARP and FDB has properly learnt on port.
show ARP
show fdb
Hmm, still doesn't work. I don't see any packets on server with ip

I have:
configure vlan vlan999 ipaddress
enable ipforwarding vlan vlan999
configure access-list test_vlan999 vlan "vlan999" ingress
configure access-list test_vlan999 vlan "vlan999" egress
configure iproute add

sho iproute:
#s 1 U----S-um--f- vlan999 6d:2h:4m:11s

# show access-list counter
Policy Name Vlan Name Port Direction
Counter Name Packet Count Byte Count
test_vlan999 vlan999 * ingress
a1-in 74
a1-out 0

entry a1-in {
if match all {
source-address ;
then {
log ;
permit ;
count a1-in ;

entry a1-out {
if match all {
destination-address ;
then {
log ;
permit ;
count a1-out ;

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you have to enable ipformwarding command on vlan vlan999 in order to send traffic between the vlans.

Mentioned the gateway address instead of vlan name as shown below,

configure iproute add