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RSTP configuration example

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jun 15 2012 8:28AM

Hi all,

I am trying to configura RSTP to interwork with other switch, but I cannot add port to the stpd (which set mode dot1w). Extreme OS just allow to add vlan, but in RSTP, Vlan donot have any meaning?

Can you pls. share?


* Slot-1 POMSS01.8 # create stpd OMS

* Slot-1 POMSS01.9 # config stpd OMS mode dot1w

* Slot-1 POMSS01.10 # config stpd OMS add ?

vlan VLAN

VLAN name

"BB_net" "Cache_Server" "CH_Inet_FW_int" "CH_Internal" "Charging_GSN_1" "CN_Gn" "CN_Gn_GSN_1" ...

* Slot-1 POMSS01.10 # config stpd OMS add



(from Thuan_Do)

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