RSTP Ports

Are the ports that I need to add to the RSTP domain, the ports that are connected from switch to switch or all ports?

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Hi Craig,

The RSTP can be configured for the switch links and if you are skeptic over the edge ports and their potential to cause loop, you can configure them for "Edge Safeguard".

The configuration of RSTP and the edge safeguard are available in the link below,
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Hey Craig,

Welcome to HUB first for your participation.

Coming to your question let me tell you that while using 802.1w mode all rapid configuration mechanisms are enabled for RSTP. This is available only on point to point links and when the peer is likely configured in 802.1w mode alone. If we do not select the point to point links and if peer is not configured for 802.1w mode then STPD fails back to 802.1D mode.

Moreover we enable or disable RSTP on a per STPD basis only rather not on a port basis.
Hence when you add these ports to RSTP domain, please find below the sample config:

create stpd stpd1
configure stpd stpd1 mode dot1w
create vlan v1
create vlan v2
configure vlan v1 tag 100
configure vlan v2 tag 200
configure vlan v1 add ports 1:1,2:1 tagged
configure vlan v2 add ports 1:1,2:1 tagged
configure stpd stpd1 add vlan v1 ports all
configure stpd stpd1 add vlan v2 ports all
configure stpd stpd1 ports link-type point-to-point 1:1,2:1
configure stpd stpd1 tag 100
enable stpd stpd1