S Series Chassis with S180 Fabrics blades and 150 IO blades

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Hi have two S8 Chassis with S180 fabric blades and S150 IO blades.
For the IO blades to operate we have to change the "Chassis Compatibility mode" to V1.

When doing so it warns that performance is degraded.
What performance are we talking about??

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I'm pretty sure it's the backplane capacity - instead of going at 2.56Tbps for a fully loaded S8 chassis, you can only switch 1.28Tbps because the S140/S180 series doubled the backplane performance. So your S180 modules may end up being (more) oversubscribed. Is this likely to be an issue? Probably not unless you're pushing more than 160Gb/s through your S180 modules.

Here are some links:
https://community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/mixing_s150_s155_and_s140_s180_modules_in_s6_an... and particularly page 4-5 of the PDF https://www.dropbox.com/s/szgy0tz3hzvcdmi/S140-S180%20FAQs-SSeries-faqs.pdf

And compare the switching capacities listed in the current S-Series datasheet vs the old S-Series datasheet.

Bonus: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/S-Series-hard-bonding-vsb-port-unavailab...