Scrolling in the command line

Please can anyone tell me how to scroll in the command line when I want to view commands?

Thank you.

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Hey Ruthie

If you want to see or scroll through the commands you already used you can either type history or you can use the up and down arrows to go through all of the commands.

If you want to stop the CLI paging so that you can capture the whole config use the command dis clip to re-enable use enable clip.

Let me know if that doesn't answer your question

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To disable the command line (to allow it to scroll the complete section (like show config)
disable clipaging

to see the config in sections

enable clipaging

Default is enabled

If disabled, then it is only during that session. If logout or disconnected, then it fails to default(disable clipaging)
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also note:
If you logout and then log back in, then the session starts over.
Paul and I both are stating the same feedback.
I hope we are helping you
Jason and Paul
@Paul and Jason,

I have been trying all day but every time I scroll, it just scrolls down. I cannot scroll up, it keeps scrolling down.
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disable clipaging
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then once you hit a command like
show config, then hit a q (to quit) and then scroll back up.
Thanks I finally got it. I used the shift+page up and shift+page down. It is linux-based command line.
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Most of Extreme CLI shortcuts are bash-like, for what I know.

Ctrl-e : cursor to end of line
Ctrl-a : cursor to beginning of line
Ctrl-d : delete character on the cursor
Ctrl-h : delete character before the cursor
Ctrl-k : delete line from the cursor position and forward (right)
Ctrl-w : delete word backward
Ctrl-L : clear screen
Ctrl-u : delete before the cursor position

I guess the Alt command are valid, but maybe your terminal emulator will capture those shortcuts for itself (menus, etc).