Security in EXOS (G1 and G2 switches)

what kind of security, I can use with G1 and G2 switches?,or, what can I do with Swith G2 that I can't with G1 switches?

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Hi Jonathan,

A lot of the security is built into EXOS which most EXOS versions can run on both the G1s and the G2s. Can you please provide us with an example or a better idea of what you are trying to achieve?
I know that policy management is not compatible with G1 switches, and I want know what other kind of thing neither are compatible
For example: limit the quantity MAC address by port that the switch can learn ( only on G2 switches?

anyone have a list of security policy that I can enforce on the switch.?
For example
1.block mac,
2. avoid threat man-in-the-middle