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On extreme SummitX 460-48 how do we see MAC address of self port ?

I mean there is one switch mac address ( some vendor call as backplane mac ) which we can see in sh switch etc .
Addition to this ; there should be a MAC for each of 48 ports .. how do i see that ?

"sh fdb < >" will show me mac learn on port ; but i am interested to know self-mac address of each port .

Something like quivalant of "show interface < > | inc bia" in cisco switches .


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I think u should try show iparp it will also provide u port no ,mac address and ip
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With extreme it is only single MAC which you see in "show switch" output. All ports share the same MAC.
Senguttuvan, Arun, :: I do not think that can be true ..

SW1 -1-------------------1- SW2

SW1 port 1 : vlan 10 : inte vlan 10 :
SW2 port 1 : vlan 10 : inte vlan 10 :

SW1 port 2 : vlan 20 : inte vlan 10 :
SW2 port 2 : vlan 20 : inte vlan 10 :

SW1 #ping
SW1 # ping

what will be mac learnt on SW2 port 1 and port 2
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Hi Gaurav,

You will see the switch1's mac address on both the ports of switch 2.
However, the mac-address would be associated to different vlans.

Sample output:

X670V-48x.14 # sh fdbMac Vlan Age Flags Port / Virtual Port List
00:04:96:51:f9:73 test(2000) 0002 d m 5
00:04:96:51:f9:73 Test123(1000) 0005 d m 6

We will have the vlan and the mac association in the mac-table. So, the same mac address will be learnt on the corresponding ports.

Hope this helps!
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Arun is correct. There is only one MAC address assigned to the switch and it is used for all ports. The only exception is on some of our modular chassis switches, but even then only the mgmt port may have a different MAC. All ports use the same one in these systems as well.
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yep been that way for 20 years....