SFP Ports not active

I am trying to connect to Summit X450e48p via the shared sfp ports. EXOS Ver
Server has an Intel X520-2 Nic installed and I am using a 3m 10G SPF+ Passive direct Attach Copper TwinAx cable. I get no link light. Am I missing something obvious? I am new to Summit Switches and EXOS, so I am not sure where to even check to see if the ports are enabled. Is it a compatibility issue?
Please advise.


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Many servers require active cables. Try optics and fiber if available.
Some servers also require vendor specific cables.

Do you get a link if you connect the cable between 2 450s? If you strip all VLANs you should be able to loop it back to the same switch for testing, without causing an issue.
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It could be an OS and driver issue. Which OS do you run on a server and which driver version you have? Also you may try to get a link if you connect the cable between two ports of a NIC just to verify if the cable is capable to your NIC
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450 shared ports on the front are 1 gig only Unless you mean the 450 G2 but I believe the model number you're sharing those are 1 gig ports and this setup will not work
The cable works fine between two switches. The X520-2 NIC, however, according to Intel, only supports 10 GB when using a direct attach cable. If the ports are only gb, then that would be my issue. Thanks for the feedback.