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sharing packet loss

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Hello Community,

I want to know if someone had the same problem.
After add a port into a sharing group there's packet loss.

But when I disable and then enable the sharing with the new port, the problem has been solved.

What's the explanation of that?

ExOS :

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I see this with 15.x code on 670 with MLAG and sharing and next to no traffic (1 -2 Mbps).
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Does that port work normally? Is it a shared medium port?
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Yes, it does. No, it's a 10G port of an X460. But I'd the same problem with a X670.
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Hi Julian, Jeremy.

Can you please provide more details on this behavior?
platform, port numbers, #ports in LAG, configuration, traffic details, etc.
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Well the traffic is a MPLS trunk, just /30 configuration.
But the same behavior happened with a VPLS end ports.

Platform summit, with both switches being X460.
Ports are 29 and 31 left side, and righ side 31,32.

The better way to prove what I'm trying to show is a simulation lab.
Just add a new port to a sharing and see the packet loss.

With the command:
configure sharing add ports #sharingmaster add ports #portmember
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Hi Julian, have you been able to get this problem sorted out?