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I've gone blind - I can't find the command to show or increase the number of VRRP instances.

Or is it automatic that when you install the "Advanced Edge" or "Core" license, it increases the instances from twohundred-some-odd to 511?

Also, am I right when I assume that the number of VRRP instances are not shared between IP6 and IP4? As in, I can have 511 IPV6 VRRPs and 511 IPV4 VRRPs?


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Hello Frank

You shouldn't need to expand the number of VRRP instances, if the switch will support 511 then it is ready to go. Please look at the limits section of the release notes to verify.

In regards of the max number for IPv4 and IPv6 I believe the max is total between the two not 511 for both.

I will confirm.

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1)Duplicate VRIDs are allowed on the router but not on the same IP interface or VLAN.
2)The maximum number of supported VRIDs per interface is seven.
3)A maximum of 128 VRID instances are supported on the router. This number can be extended up to256 based on the license and hardware; refer to the release notes for the maximum limit.
4) A VRRP router instance can be configured with multiple IP addresses on the same subnet or ondifferent subnets, provided that all virtual IP addresses match the subnet address of a VLAN on the switch. For example, if a host switch has VLAN IP addresses in the 1.1.1.x and 2.2.2.x subnets, VRRP router instance 99 can contain virtual IP addresses in both those subnets as well.
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>Or is it automatic that when you install the "Advanced Edge" or "Core" license, it increases the instances from twohundred-some-odd to 511?

The limit in VRRP instances is not related to a license. So you never upgrade from "twohundred-some-odd to 511". The license is involved only to active the VRRP feature.

However, the VRRP instances limit has been increased with EXOS 15.4.1, so you may increase from "twohundred-some-odd to 511" by upgrading your version, if you happen to run a previous release of EXOS.
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Ah, thank you, Stephane, that explains it. I didn't realize that it's a "comes with 15.4/5 automatically enabled" and was searching for a "config" command (similar to the commands to increase routing table size)

I think/hope that since the notes have two separate sections for VRRP-IPv4 and VRRP-IPv6, that it's not 511 shared between V4 and V6, but rather up to 511 each. (Waiting for Paul's confirmation on that, though)

Thank you all for shedding light on this!

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Hello Frank

I did check with SQA and it is total 511 either all IPv4 or all IPv6 or a mixture of the two up to the limit.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for checking on that, Paul - I made a mistake in thinking that if I'm dual-stacking V4 and V6 I'd eat up two VRRPs, which I don't - I only use 2 VRIDs on the same VRRP. D'oh! 511 distinct VLANs, dual-stacked V4/V6, and I can play default-router(VRRP enabled) for all of them - yes, I think that's enough (i.e. after that many, I should get a new set of 8800s).

Sorry for the confusion!