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Create Date: Nov 21 2013 4:15PM


Can someone advise on what the command would be to search the cache for a specific MAC address?

I know the show iparp but is there one I can just search the first 3 octets?


show MAC 00:12:34


(from Paul_Wanless)

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Create Date: Nov 21 2013 7:30PM


it depends on what software do you have.

Try sh iparp | include 00:11:22

Jarek (from Jaroslaw_Kasjaniuk)
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Create Date: Nov 22 2013 10:08PM

Hello ClassicD

If you are trying to find what port the MAC address is on then use show FDB . If you need to search for the OUI then use ridgeline MAC finder.

P (from Paul_Russo)

You can use the below format to search MAC using first 3 octets,

X440-48pA.5 # show fdb | i 00:04:96:
00:04:96:52:f6:af Default(0001) 0041 d m 45


You looking to search for a specific MAC address and that too with first three octets.
This will leave you with a list of all the mac from a specific vendor.
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The pipe "|" and after that keyword command is not available on lower software version. It will only available on 15.X