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  • 21 August 2016
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We are facing issue with CLI while issue the command “show
ports configuration
”. The cursor moves from top to bottom randomly and does not display the remaining ports/lines properly. Please note that this issue is with all switches we have. Seems to be an EXOS issue

ExtremeXOS version v1553b4

10 replies

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Hi, Off the top of my head, you have a key to switch page, either space or d, something like that. There's also a no-refresh optionbut that might have been introduced in a later release.
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EXOS 15.3 already includes the no-refresh option, so it should be available in 15.5 as well. :-)

The bottom line of the updating "show ports configuration" output shows the keys to use for controlling the output:
0->Clear Counters U->page up D->page down ESC->exit[/code]You would need to scroll down using the "d" key to display the remaining ports.

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Stephane is correct:

The key "D" will bring you down a page
The key "U" will bring you up a page

If you enter the command "show port configuration no-refresh" it will give you all ports and show you the current status.

You can find all further options in the documentation:

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Many thanks to you all for your valuable and kind support. Let me check and will get back to you
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Customer tried these commands but still problem persist. They are reiterating below:

"The problem is that cursor move up/down randomly and the remaining ports are not displayed properly "

Please advise
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that might be a problem with the terminal program (which does the actual displaying part). What terminal program does the customer use? Is this a serial connection, telnet, or SSH?

What does the customer mean by not displayed properly? It is normal to see some cursor movements as the "screen" contents are updated. The position on which the cursor is visible during this is random.

You can select the ports for which to display the information by specifying a port string, e.g. 20-30:
show ports PORTSTRING configuration show ports 20-30 configuration [/code]As note above the additional keyword no-refresh can be used to print just the current status, instead of consistently updating the display.
show ports configuration no-refresh [/code]Again you can select the ports to show information for:
show ports 20-30 configuration no-refresh[/code]As I see it there are two problems:
  1. How can the customer access the needed information?
  2. Is there a problem with the the output of show ports configuration and if so, what problem exactly?
Using no-refresh and/or specifying port numbers should address problem number 1.

Problem number 2 is still elusive, as at least I cannot reproduce an improper display result. I do not even know what this looks like. Perhaps you can post a screenshot?

Is the show ports configuration the only affected command? What about show ports or show ports congestion? Those commands use updating displays as well, so I would expect the same kind of problem there.

Best regards,
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I would also recommend to have a window size of 100 characters width for better output lisibility.
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I would also recommend to have a window size of 100 characters width for better output lisibility.Thanks. Just to ask if it can be the issue of firmware? Should I upgrade firmware to check?
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I would also recommend to have a window size of 100 characters width for better output lisibility.I would not expect this to be a firmware issue.
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Waqas, I would bet if you widen the display or your terminal session this will stop. We use putty.exe for all cli and ssh access and on the Extreme XOS display has to be stretched or it does not parse the lines correctly. You will see the cursor moving up and down the line due to the screen is being refreshed every one or two seconds so you get real time status of the ports. Also only 15 or so ports will display at a time so as other stated you have to use U or D to look at remaining ports