Single EAPS ring, master node in INIT fail time-out

Master node goes in INIT status fail time out.

I have a single ring with a correct VLAN data mapping, VLAN control and no storm(broadcast).
If I use specific ports master node goes in Complete or Failure(if rings open) and It means that PDU for Healt Check, Link UP or DOWN is running.
If I use other ports with same VLAN master node in the ring goes in INIT fail time-out

I need to know how to investigate issue and kind of potential root causes

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Based on what you are saying I would use the command "debug EAPS check config" and report the output please.
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Did you make sure the other ports you used had the control VLAN assigned to it and also the EAPS primary and secondary ports are re-configured pointing the new ports.
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One more check would be to run ELRP on the control VLAN. In this case, you want ELRP to report a loop (contrary to most times you run ELRP). If it does not report a loop, the control VLAN is likely misconfigured somewhere along the ring.
Control VLAN is perfect on the right ports....I configured IP Interfaces to verify if my eyes see wrrong configuration....I can ping all interfaces in control VLAN.
I have 3 different city with same topology, vlan and configuration and only in this doesn't work.
Control VLAN and data VLAN are correct.
What is funny if I use other ports of the same switches moving the cabling It works.
It seems few port are discarding EAPS PDU and Master node doesn't receive EAPS healt-PDU and Link down so It never starts EAPS status remaining in "Init" state with flag "F"(Fail-over timout)

If I close ther ring the healt-check EAPS PDU triggers the storm due to missing Master status.

Thank you for your replies
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Hi Massimiliano,

Can you please share the network diagram and EAPS/Vlan configuration?

Based on that we can suggest some actions/ideas to troubleshoot.
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Hi Massimiliano,

is the issue reported still relevant, if it is please share the requested information.
If not please let us know too.


Raymond van Dijk