Slot-1: i2c-1: sylvester_plugincard_temp:3749 I/O failed,

I have a X670V-48t running patch1-33

I am receiving the following warnings repeatedly in the log:

07/27/2015 11:19:31.20 Slot-1: i2c-1: sylvester_plugincard_temp:3749 I/O failed, addr 0x0048 rd/wr 1 cmd 0 proto 3, rc 145

07/27/2015 11:19:30.41 Slot-1: i2c-1: summitxlsPsuGetUcReg:10736 I/O failed, addr 0x003e rd/wr 1 cmd 3 proto 3, rc 145

Has anyone else seen this or know what is causing this?

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Hi Wesley,

Often, these I2C errors can be caused by either a device on the I2C bus that is hung and not responding, or that has failed and will not respond for some reason. The I2C bus is shared between PSUs, fan modules, and the VIM module in the X670.

In order to troubleshoot this, I would suggest pulling the PSUs one at a time, then checking the logs while one PSU is out to see if the errors continue. If you find that the error stop, re-insert the PSU and check to see if the errors start again.

If the errors continue with each PSU removed, I would move on to the fan modules, using the same basic procedure.

Finally, if the errors continue and did not line up with one of the PSUs or fans, I would suggest powering down the switch, removing the VIM module, and powering it back up. If the errors continue at this point, the chassis itself is likely the cause of these errors.

If the errors stop, power the switch down again and reinstall the VIM. If the errors continue, it is probably a bad VIM. If the errors do not resume, it is likely that the I2C bus was hung for some reason, and the power cycle cleared it.

If the errors are not cleared up during this troubleshooting, contact GTAC with the results for further troubleshooting and possible hardware replacement options.

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Also you can #run diag extended with and without VIM module.
One of the point of diagnostic is i2c.

Thank you!