Slot-2 FAILED (1) Dual Master

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I have 2 switches X460 in stack.
Slot 1 - priority 90
Slot 2 - priority 70
Soft p1-5

After reboot slot 1, slot 2 became Master, slot 1 role NONE and MGMT LED is blincking amber.

In log I see messages like
Failed to send SNTP request to server
Slot-1: Slot-2 FAILED (1) Dual Master

POST go normal (see this through console)
Diagnostic pass normal.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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It could be the known issues with x460 stacking links, Could you collect the logs and reaching to tac If there see no errors seen in. Stack links
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What exacly there is known issue with X460 stacking links?
X460 stacking through 10G links.

I had a similar issue and Extreme TAC requested that I upgrade to version summitX- The Bug id the provided me was xos0059131. My issue was that slot 2 was failing.

I was using the 10GB ports for stacking, Alternatenative ports.

Upgrade my stack and all looks ok now.
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You mean this?
xos0059131 Debounce timer is not getting configured if stack ports reside indifferent units. Also, pre-emphasis configuration should be
rejected in alternate stacking mode.

Which resolved in EXOS 15.6.2?

Thank you!
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Follows the hint to solve the problem!
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Actually what you are showing sounds like a license mismatch. Any time the management light blinks, there is likely a license mismatch between switches. Are they both licensed for edge or any other feature pack?
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Remember to add the debounce command after Exos upgrade.

The fix in this case, is the option to run this command.
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Remember to add the debounce command after the upgrade.
The fix, is the option to configure it.