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Small packet loss when pinging management IP of switch

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I am experiencing a small packet loss (about 400 dropped packets in about 8 hr period) when pinging the ip I have assigned to a 440g2 stack. Its connected to a 460 g2 stack and no packet loss to the 460. There is also another 440g2 stack connected to the 460 and no packet loss to it either. The 460 is then uplinked to a S3. All my other switches are EOS and no packet lost to any of them either. Tried different fiber, sfp ports, patch cables. Any ideas ? These switches are going in a new building and so no one is using them yet, but my concern is it will become more problematic once there is more traffic. Also, its not continuous outage just 1-2 packets at a time, no real pattern.

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I would suggest contacting the GTAC and getting a case opened for review if this is still a problem for you. https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-contact-Extreme-Networks-Global-Tec...