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SNMP Fails and the log thata appeared is entity_fru_getinfo: Invalid entity 132

Hi , Our switch X670G2 witch core license an version patch1-4. had a problem witch SNMP, it Is failing for about 5 minutes, and the log that appeared is :

01/13/2018 16:39:17.37 entity_fru_getinfo: Invalid entity 132
01/13/2018 16:36:06.75 Previous message repeated 19 additional times in the last 181 second(s)

The traffic of our clients is not affected and the cpu is not high.

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Hi Edison,

Could not find much info in current database, i would suggest to open up a GTAC ticket for this issue.
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Hi Edison,

This is most likely caused by a known bug (CR# xos0069055), Sensors are shown in the entityPyhsicalTable when they are not present, hence showing this error and then the SNMP walk will time out.

This is targeted to be fixed in 22.5
Hello, we see this behavior also on X460-G2 with Any info, when 22.5 will be ready for release?
Thank you