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Hi, all!

After adding LAG on port from which was received VLAN monitoring (through SNMP) all counters became zero.
Is this a limitation or bug?

I mean that now I have information about port but can't have information about vlan.

Thank you!

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Hi Alexandr,

can you please confirm the below understanding?

you have enabled the VLAN monitoring on all the ports of a VLAN. You were able to fetch this information via SNMP without any issues.

The port is now added as a LAG port and not a standalone port. After this change, the SNMP is no longer able to fetch the VLAN statistics. Is that correct?

if I understood this right, can you please check from the CLI of the switch, if the VLAN statistics still works for that port?

Please share the following outputs:

show VLAN statistics
show conf | include monitor
show port information detail.
Model and the software version of the switch.

Looking forward to your response!