SNMP OID for port rate-limit?

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Quick question: There wouldn't happen to be an SNMP OID to query a port's rate-limit on Extreme switches? If there is, could anyone tell me what that might be?

I set "config port 4 rate-limit egress 100000 Kbps" - now I want to snmp-get/walk something to see that tit's at 100000


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Hi Frank,
There are two tables in the MIB that may give you what you're looking for.
I'm looking at the EXOS 15.5 MIB and I see a table called

It starts at OID

You should be able to query
(that's port number 4+1000) to see the
as an integer. It's not working for me on my test switch right now, but it's got a minimal configuration and some beta code loaded.
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# snmpwalk -On -v2c -cpublic MySwitch .
. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

On both and patch1-6 (on 460s)

Guess it's an optimistic MIB - or do I perhaps have to configure some setting to "on" ?

Thanks for your reply!
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Hmm, I wonder if it is supposed to work or if support has been discontinued for some reason.
Would you be willing/able to open a support ticket on this issue so that GTAC can help figure out what's going on?
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I have the same needs and problem ...

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public XX.XX.XX.XX
iso. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID[/code]snmpwalk -v 2c -c public XX.XX.XX.XX
iso. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID[/code]The switch are

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public XX.XX.XX.XX
iso. = STRING: "ExtremeXOS (X460-24t) version v1554b2 by release-manager on Thu Apr 2 14:19:36 EDT 2015"[/code]
Someone have a solution?
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Ack - sorry for not feeding the case reply back in here. The reply was:

"...It looks like the functionality was planned and the appropriate values were added to the MIB, but it has not actually been implemented yet. If you look in the EXOS 15.7 User Guide for "extremePortEgressRateLimitTable" it lists it as "Not supported". So, the functionality isn't quite there yet."
Anyone know when the "extremePortEgressRateLimitTable" is going to be implemented?
As an ISP, we need it to review subscriptions in our network..