SNMP - stack-ports and switch utilization

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Hello, colleagues!

Hav e 2 questions:
1. Is there possibility to monitoring recources utilization through SNMP? (like arp-table, routing table, fdb)
2. Is there possibility to monitoring productivity of stack-ports?
In EXOS User Guide there is no MIBs for stack ports in Ch.50 - Supported MIBs.
But there is in stack configuration chapter - Setting Traps for Stacking and there is a lot of MIBs for EXTREME-STACKING-MIB in MIB.txt

Thank you!

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P.S. For Summit switches
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Any ideas?
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Hi Alexandr,
Are you wanting to see entries in the tables?
The extremeFdbIpFdbTable @ OID . gives you MAC Address, IP address, VLAN ID, and port number. It's almost the same as
show iparp
. I don't see any OID for showing utilization/limits, but it's possible that I missed one.

For stack ports, do you want to see the utilization and link status?
That might be in extremePortUtilizationTable @ OID .
Might also find information in extremeStackingPortTable @ OID .

The switch I'm testing these on isn't stacked, so I'm not sure.

I hope this helps!
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Hi, Drew!

I find the same:
• extremeStackingPortStatusChanged • IfIndex: Interface Index of the port

• extremeStackingPortRemoteMac: MAC Address of the remote switch attached to this port

• extremeStackingPortLinkSpeed: Indicates 10/100/1000 Mbps

• extremeStackingPortLinkStatus: Status of the link





But Customer want:

2 - tx/rx frames, errors on stack ports

3 - limited recources of switch (fdb I find too, but there is also quantity of routes, arp, neigbours... - to see, when there overflow of limited resources)

Thank you!
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I don't see anything in the MIB for that information. The only option I can think of right now is logging into the switch and collecting it via script.
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Thank you, Drew!