Solarwinds NCM pulling my XOS version

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I need to find the MIB or OID for the XOS versions. My solarwinds NCM tool doesn't pick up my XOS version. Solarwinds NPM picks up the XOS version in the description field but not the OS field where I would expect it to be. I've downloaded the MIBs for our version but I don't know how to pull out the one I need for XOS version.


Thank you

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Try this

Value=ExtremeXOS (BD-8810) version v1531b4-patch1-14 by release-manager on Thu Jun 6 14:54:13 EDT 2013
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Will do, thank for the quick reply.
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GTACKnowledge article with additional information: What is the SNMP OID to retrieve the EXOS software version?