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Specific VLAN routing question

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Mar 28 2013 10:05PM


I am working with three BD8800 switches, connected via 10Gb fibre links. Right now, the network is designed so that all traffic from switch 1 passes through switch 2, and then upstairs to switch 3, to a file server.This can put a strain on the clients and machines trying to access the file server upstairs as data from switch 1 and 2 travel up stairs on the same links

I am trying to reorganise this network by connecting switch 1 direct to switch 3. However, there is another fileserver on switch 2 which I wish to access, but I want to again avoid data going upstairs and coming back down on the other link.

Obviously connecting switch 1+2 together via fibre links is the way to go, but I only want data destined for the particular VLAN that the fileserver on switch 2 is connected to, to use this link. All other data from switch two should travel upstairs, and down again if it needs to.

How can I achieve this? I was thinking of using a Virtual router (this would be my first time utilising this feature). Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there a configuration option/setup on the switch would allow me to specifically route data between VLANs like this? (from rfalloon)

2 replies

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Create Date: Mar 28 2013 10:48PM

Or is it as simple as using VLAN tagging to TAG the ports that link switch 1 and switch 2 so only data destined for the fileserver VLAN on switch 2 travels over that link? (from rfalloon)
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Create Date: Mar 29 2013 1:37PM

Hello rfallon

if SW1 is connected to SW2 and also directly connected to SW3 I am assuming that SW1 is the router for all of the VLANs, is that correct?

if so the switch will forward based on the MAC address. So if a client is on sw1 and needs to connect to the server on the 2nd floor switch one will snd it directly to SW2.

If someone on SW3 needs to talk to server on 2nd floor then it will go to 1 and be routed to floor 2.

hope that helps please provide more info if I have things incorrect. (from Paul_Russo)