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specify source interface for telnet, tftp, snmp, syslog etc?

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Create Date: Oct 17 2013 1:07PM

Is there anyway to specify a source interface when tftp copying images or configurations? On some customer networks they have 'invisible' IP transit networks that aren't reachable and some of these happen to be on the nearest interface to the TFTP server so we can't upgrade them or copy configurations. With Cisco IOS (sorry...) we can specify a source interface in the configuration - 'ip tftp source-interface vlan 10' for example.

(from Andrew_Butterworth)

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Create Date: Nov 4 2013 4:53PM

HiI know you can with snmp traps, syslog and radius

configure log target syslog [i]:514 vr VR-Default local2 from [i]

configure snmp add trapreceiver [i] community blah from [i] vr "VR-Default" mode standard

configure radius mgmt-access primary server [i] 1812 client-ip [i] vr VR-Default

Remember with telnet, ssh, snmp you are making the connection to the switch so using a from address is not required.I don't know if it is possible with TFTP. I checked and couldn't see a way to do it.Not sure how the switch decides what interface to use, whether it picks the highest IP. If that is the case maybe you could configure a loopback with a high IP address and then lock down access based on that.

Thanks (from Jamie_Bedford)