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Hi Team,

I am using x670-48t switches and all of the ports available are of 1G/10G speed.But the device with which I want to connect has a port of speed 100 mbps.

When I am trying to downgrade the port speed to 100 mbps using command :
configure ports 21 auto on speed 100 duplex full or
configure ports 21 auto off speed 1000 duplex full

It throws an error mentioning the port does not support 100 Mbps.

Is there any way by which I can downgrade the port speed to 100 Mbps.

With Regards,
Kalyan Brata Majumder.

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No the chipset behind the port dosent support this.
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Hi Kalyan,

I was able to successfully hardcode the speed to 100Mbps on port# 3 in a X670V-48t

Command used to execute:-

* SW3.4 # conf port 3 auto off speed 100 dup full

* SW3.6 # show port 3 inf detail
Port: 3
Virtual-router: VR-Default
Type: UTP
Random Early drop: Unsupported
Admin state: Enabled with 100M full-duplex
Link State: Ready
Link Ups: 0 Last: --
Link Downs: 0 Last: --

VLAN cfg:
Name: remote_vlan, 802.1Q Tag = 1000, MAC-limit = No-limit, Vir tual router: VR-Default
Port-specific VLAN ID: 1000
STP cfg:

Trunking: Load sharing is not enabled.

EDP: Enabled

EEE: Disabled
ELSM: Disabled
Ethernet OAM: Disabled
Learning: Enabled

What is the software version running on the X670v-48t switch?
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In addition to the EXOS Release, please share the output of "show port 21 configuration no-refresh".