SSH access not working on summit x440 with -pathc-13 firmware version

  • 8 May 2020
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Hi, everyone


 I have ssh enabled on my x440, I have restarted processes and also re enable ssh2, and still cannot access via ssh.

  I have issue this comands


“restart process exsshd”


and also


“restart process thttpd”


and still cannot access to the device.


Any sugestion?


Thanks to everyones!

5 replies

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Is the IP pingable from the machine that you are trying to SSH from?

Hi B-rad,


   sure, the device is pingable, i also have access to it through telnet

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Try updating your SSH client. The encryption being used might be getting denied from the switch.


what do you mean by updating my ssh client? i have looked for an ssh module for this model, but i think it does not exist.


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Hi Grimado_LA,


I mean the software that you are using to SSH to the switch. Is it possible to upgrade that software? Or check to see which encryptions are being used?