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SSH activation

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Create Date: Feb 15 2012 1:48AM


I have a question about the installation of the SSH-module.

If a want to install a new switch, I install my default firmware and reboot the switch. Perfect! Now I start the installation of the SSH-module and try to start the SSH deamon. But the "enable ssh2" command is unknown. After a reboot, it's possible. I get the same issue, if I install the firmware + ssh-module without a reboot between firmware and the SSH-module.

I think, I'm doing something wrong. But what exactly?

Thank you.

Best regards


(from Falk_Fischer)

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Create Date: Feb 15 2012 1:55AM

Basically if you dont want to reboot the switch after installing the SSH module, then issue the "run update" command after the SSH installation.
Also issue these commands as well.

restart process "thttpd"
restart process "snmpMaster"

Good Luck.


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Create Date: Feb 15 2012 3:01AM


"run update" is the magic command. 🙂

thanks a lot and have a nice day.

bye Falk

(from Falk_Fischer)