ssh module not loaded, set xmod imag as primary?

set the image as primary, actually am facing an issue with ssh "module not loaded" after i have checked the switch i found xmod image not set:

# sh version images
Card Partition Installation Date Version Name Branch
Switch primary Thu Nov 24 12:31:55 UTC 2016 nwi- v1554b2-patch1-4
Switch secondary Thu Nov 24 12:16:32 UTC 2016 nwi- v1554b2-patch1-4
Switch secondary Thu Nov 24 12:17:32 UTC 2016 nwi- v1554b2-patch1-4[/code]
is it possible to set xmod imag as primary?

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Hello Chahid,

The ssh xmod has to be loaded individually. Since you have the same image on both the primary and secondary you can simply boot into the secondary image and the ssh xmod will load automatically.
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I fixed the formatting of your output and can see something that I bet Patrick missed. The SSH xmod is for, whereas the .xos image on both partitions is for the unpatched version. These must match. You'll need to load the patch1-4.xos file to the partition you choose to stay with.
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To build on Patrick's response, to boot into the secondary partion, use the command "use image secondary" and then reboot the switch.
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Hi chahid,

You could also try to use EXOS 16.2, 21.x, or 22.x.
It is because that starting in EXOS 16.2, 21.x and 22.x the SSH module is integrated into the standard EXOS image.

Best regards,
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As stated by Patrick, boot the switch to the secondary partition and check the status of the SSH access is Enabled in "show management".

In case, if it isn't Enabled. Execute the command "run update" and then "enable ssh2" and check the SSH access.