Stack member failed


We have three switches in a stack 1, X670-V, 2 X460, 3 X460. I have noticed that slot 2 has failed.

Slot-2 information: State: Failed
Download %: 100
Restart count: 6 (limit 5)
Serial number: 800540-00-02 1333N-41029
Hw Module Type: X460-48x
SW Version:
SW Build: v1552b9-patch1-5
Configured Type: X460-48x
Ports available: 54
Recovery Mode: Reset
Node MAC: 02:04:96:8B:D3:D2
Current State: STANDBY
Image Selected: primary
Image Booted: primary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:
Config Selected: primary.cfg

What is my best option to recovery this stack as we have live traffic on the other members?


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show stacking ports statistics
show stacking ports Utilization
show tech all
show log messages nvram
upload tftp [i]
show debug system-dump

collect all the above outputs to indentify the root cause.
You may simple reboot that slot to recover it.