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Create Date: Jul 5 2012 3:58AM

Hi All, I have a stack of Summit x450e. One of the switch from the stack has just failed but I have a spare summit x440 switch. I would like to know if summit x440 can be stacked with x450? and if yes,from where can I download the right firmware for my X440 so that it can work wth x450? The current firmware version is: Master Backup Image selected: Primary Secondary Image booted: Primary Secondary Primary Ver: Secondary Ver: Any help will be highly appreciated! Many thanks in advance. (from qasim_khan)

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Create Date: Jul 20 2012 7:57AM

Hi!I havent tried this myself, but you need to run the same release on both devices so the best way is probably to go for EXOS 15.1 i guess. Then if you run the same release on them, there should not be any problem to stack them together. (from Rickard_Sellstedt)
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Create Date: Aug 20 2012 7:23AM

Yes they can be stacked together, but the stack must be running XOS 15.1 or later. I'd also suggest you ensure the boot roms on the devices are at latest revision ( for X450 and for X440).

I have stacks running X450e and X440 mix in production. (from Andy_Gatward)