Stacking x450-48t w/ 10GbE Module to a X670V-48t via the alternate ports.

So I am trying to stack these 2 switches. I have checked that the ports are enabled, I have enabled stacking on both switches, I have also verified that both are using the same licensing Advanced Edge, I have also verified they are both using the same stacking protocol (Standard). But when I issue the show stacking command from either switch they only show themselves and not the other switch. Cabling I have a cable from 450 port 49 to 670 port 47, also 450 port 50 to 670 port 48. Port status show Not Present. When I plug 450 port 49 into 670 port 41 (normal client port) it lights up but shows no neighbor. Which is expected. Do I need to be using a cross-over cable for this? Or what is it I am missing here?

Additionally they are both running XOS

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Have you enabled alternate stacking ?
Yes i enabled the alternate stacking ports
Well I believe I have figured it out. I cannot do what I am wanting to do. According to the SummitStack-V documentation on a x670V-48t only the fiber modules can be used as stacking ports and ports 45 and 46 cannot be used at all. Well that throws a wrench in my plans, my 450a 10GbE module has copper ports.......... PIA