stp running in vlan

i m creating 14 vlan in summit X440,so i want to run stp in vlan... can i run individual stp in all 14 vlan or can i run only one stp for all vlan... plz suggest and help me,r also give me code of stp configuration......

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Use elrp and make your life simple. Create a vlan just for elrp, we use "no-loop" add it tagged on all ports and configure elrp to run on that vlan. If this simple solution is appealing I'm sure one of us can get you the one or two commands you will need to configure it.
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David beat me to it... Best way to configure STP is to not run STP ... ELRP will provide the loop protection for the edge and if you have multiple uplinks you can use EAPS.
but sir eaps is runnibg on 2 or more switches,but i have only one switch summit X440 ,and apply multiple vlan in one switch r want to run stp in all vlan...? what can i doo...? how to apply elrp in vlan plz give some advise r some codes plz...
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A nice description of how to configure ELRP can be found at