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STP topology and configuration steps

I am new to this xtereme switch so am in a situation to configure stp. I have to setup STP in two X650-24x(SSns), so if anyone share me a topology to setup STP and configuration steps it will be a great helpful.

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Hi Dinesh,

This GTAC Knowledge article may be helpful:

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Hi Dinesh,

As mentioned in the other post we need something a little more specific to help you. Do you have a network already setup? are you starting from scratch? Did the resources I linked in the other post help?
Hi Voss,

I am starting from the scratch, I am doing a lab setup configuring rstp in two switch. So I need the step by step configuration for the two switch with a simple topology diagram.
|------------|port4 port4 |-----------|
| switch1 |------------------| switch2|
| |------------------| |
|------------|port5 port5 |-----------|

Configuration for this setup
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Hi Dinesh,

Based on this information the article Brandon and I linked has everything you need. You will just need to fill in the VLAN and port information into the commands.
OK Voss. Thanks.