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Strip outer tag coming from IBM Flex Switch

I have an IBM chassis with 3 X240 servers with vmware ESXi 6, in the rear of the chassis I have 2 CN9043 switch with internal ports (servers side) and external ports to Extreme Summit switch with RJ45 ports, When the traffic go out from the host is tagged with an outer tag of (2001, 2003 or 2004) and arrive to the upstream Extreme switch with that tag. My question is how can i make the Extreme switch ignore the outer vlan tag and consider the inner vlan that come from the vswitch of vmware ?

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Hi Kamal,

I believe we may be able to do this via an ACL. What version of EXOS is this Summit running?

Thank you Brandon,
I resolved it by using another mode in the IBM switch (UFP) that does not double tag the frame and then i can see the vSwitch tag in the Extreme switch.
Thank you.
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That would work too. Thanks for following up with us, Kamal.