Summit Stack bcmDPC high cpu utilization

I have a stack of Summit 450 and 460 switches. All are running XOS (I know it's old, but we don't pay support so can't upgrade). We regularly have a situation where the management interface (SSH or Telnet) is slow to respond. Traffic does not appear to be affected in any way. Top shows the bcmDPC process is using 60 to 70% of the CPU when this happens. It seems like it started when we expanded the stack from 3 to 4 switches about 6 months ago.

Anyone have any thoughts on what bcmDPC is and what might trigger it to use so much CPU?

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You will find the PD.
Please contact the Extreme TAC and they will suggest you to upgrade the software. It's issues with the broadcom and extreme uses broadcom as switch chip.
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Temp solution would be to reboot the slot/stack
'k, thanks. I've been avoiding the reboot of the slot due to the interruption to services, but perhaps the time has come.
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It's a bug in x460 Upgrade will fix it
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