Summit X440 48p firmware download (where and how)

  • 22 January 2015
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i have bought a new Summit X440 48p, i would like to stack it with older x250, but unfortunately the IMG versions are not the same. So i would like to know where and how to download a firmware for my X440 switch.
Need your HELP pleeaaase

3 replies

X440 will not support 12.5
You will have to upgrade the X250 for 15.x
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Hi Mohamed,
Most of the Summit X440 switches have a minimum software version requirement of 15.1.2. The X250 supports a maximum version of 15.3.x (15.4+ will not work).
Since you won't be able to downgrade the X440, I would recommend that you upgrade both switches to the latest version of EXOS 15.3 (currently v15.3.4.6-patch1-10).

There is a reference guide you can use to determine what versions work on each model of switch.
ExtremeXOS Hardware/Software Compatibility

As long as you have valid support entitlement to download software, you can get it from our support website:
Follow the link titled "Downloads for BlackDiamond Series, Summit Series, E4G, ExtremeXOS and EOS."
You'll need to login to get the EXOS image download. The "summitX" file you get for the X440 will work on both switches.

Let us know if you have trouble!
Hi all,
Thank you very much for your fast reply.
it's clear for me that i had to upgrade our x250 switches work to hard (we have up to 20 x250 switchs 🙂 )
Thank you Drew.