Summit x450e-48p Rebooting (crashing) at the same time every day

Hi all,

This issue began on 3/28, then recurred on 3/31, 4/1, 4/2, 4/3, & 4/4.

I have a Summit x450e-48p (FW: in slot 1 of a stack that reboots (only the one switch, the others remain fine) every morning at 6:07am, the Event Log from ScreenPlay shows the follow every day at this same time (within a handful of seconds or so):

From the CLI: "show debug" shows core dumps as enabled to the internal-memory, but "show debug system-dump" comes back with "No core dump information found on Slot-1."

The internal power supply for slot one is listed as power failed. The switch is hooked to an extreme EPS that seems to be working alright.

My question is: Would you think that this problem is being caused by the internal power supply? Or does that seem like more of a red herring.

My apologies for not including anymore information up front; my predecessor was the one who was around when this was all setup and configured, so I am not as familiar with commands as I would like to be. I can provide additional details if needed.

Much appreciated for taking the time to read this!


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Hi Austin,

Can you provide a 'show debug system-dump' from the switch?


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I just saw the note about 'show debug system-dump' being empty. I'd say that there is an issue with the power coming into the switch. Tell me, is this switch connected to a UPS system at all?
Thanks for responding!

Good point. It is, now that you mention it though, I believe the UPS it is connected to has seen better days. I believe there is another, newer, UPS in that room that I can plug it in to (after hours, unfortunately this switch is fairly critical for our network distribution).

I'll have to make a run over and take a look at the setup again, I believe that the other switches in that stack are also connected to that same UPS and haven't had any issues with rebooting but I will double-check before taking anymore of your time.
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Seems you are living on the edge with this one having a failed internal PSU and having to run on the EPS. I would also just for grins confirm you have power to the internal PSU. I would also look at what options you may have to replace this unit if it continues to reboot after you get it on stable power. Show Odometer will give you total run time and approximate install date. Good luck
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Does the UPS have logs that are available to look at? Does it mention any problems happening around that time?