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Summit x460-g2 vim-2x port stuck in ready state

  • 4 February 2019
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I am new to exos and extreme and I am having an issue that I cannot find an answer to on google. The situation is that the network engineer that I took over for disabled our eaps ring by breaking the link between two sites and turning off eaps on both x460 switches. I am trying to bring that link back up and move the break to another link between two different sites to allow for a new fiber link to be installed. I have enabled both ports and they do not make a connection. I do not see link lights on wither switch. I have tried different sfps and fiber cables. I have made sure they are not blocked by some other protocol. The transceiver info shows that the sfp is installed and that it has the proper levels showing for tx and rx power. The module that the port is part of does not allow for changes to speed or duplex. It is set to be 10gb. What am I missing? Does having eaps and eaps domain disabled prevent that link from coming up?

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