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Summit X460 High Availability sample Configuration

Two units of Summit X460 configured for redundancy / High Availability .

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Do you mean stacking? Or VRRP?
Hi Edward , I'm planing to configure two units of X460 that can support redundancy in case one of the switch failed .
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It depends on what redundancy you need. For L2, you can use STP, SRP, ESRP. For L3, you can use VRRP or ESRP or simply use routing protocal like OSPF.
im using RIP v2 and ip forwarding is enabled in X460 . right now i have only 1 unit x460 running . the network is now operational and i just want to add a backup x460 in case the initially installed failed . so what do you recommend ? VRRP ?
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If your switch served as gateway for other end hosts, you may use VRRP together with RIPv2. In case there is any failure on one switch, the other should take up all the traffic.
i have multiple stacked switches (x440) as my edge and multiple vlans are configured also per stacked . can i use two ports form the stacked and connect it to the two X460 as my default and backup route ? and used VRRP ?
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Yes. You may connect stacked x440 to pair of x460 and form a physical loop(Triangular topology). Then, run STP on all switches and run VRRP as redundancy gateway.