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Summit X460 MGMT port configuration

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 26 2013 6:22PM


We have two X460-48t configured on L3 with VRRP. Basically we have few internal VLANs we communicate with customer network using our Extreme switches connected to customer routers. As we don’t have a dedicated physical connection on customer Routers for MGMT port connectivity we connected each MGTM port on the other switch (Switch A mgmt port À Switch B access port and Switch B mgmt port À Switch A access port). We need to assign MGMT ports addresses on OAM VLANs that currently the switches are routing so we have VRRP configuration on both switches + mgmt. port on the same VLAN and IP subnet. Now we have a connectivity problem, we can reach MGMT IP address only from devices directly connected on which MGMT port is physically connected. It is possible that having mgmt. port configured on same subnet that other VLAN is causing this problem? Is there any way to do this connectivity using another topology?


(from Rigoberto_Rojas)

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