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summitX- automatic disable all_cast flood


when I'm configuring rate limit on a port, xos automatically disable all_cast on that port. I've to manually re-enable it with:

enable flooding all_cast ports 1

It seems patch1-2 known issue


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Hi Stefano,

Welcome to the Hub...

Do you see this issue only in patch 1-2 or also in patch 1-5 ?
Hi Karthik,

thank you!

I see this issue also in patch 1-5
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Please look at this article:

After the command; "enable flooding all_cast ports all" it should not re-occur.
Yes I confirm that it not re-occur. I only want to inform that in patch 1-5 with default config flooding all_cast is enable as article says, but if you configure rate flood limit for the first time it will "disable flooding all_cast ports all".
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I will check this with development.