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Support of COA (RFC 1576) on Summit 440 switch?

  • 27 October 2015
  • 4 replies

Does anyone know if a summit 440/460 support Radius Change of Authorization (RFC 1576 or RFC 3576) they might be the same.

I could not find anything listed in the 16.1 XOS datasheet but thought I'd check.

4 replies

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Hi Jim,

Based on some research, it does not look like EXOS supports this. If this functionality is needed, we would need to open up a feature request.

I'm trying to configure CoA.

I have Netsight+NAC.

I have configured a captive portal for guests and I would change the vlan after authentication.

This is a screenshot of the traffic i have captured regarding CoA:

Im using a X440-24t-10G (firmware 15.7.2) and it isn't waiting packets on port 3799.

Could someone help me?

Have I configured the wrong port number?


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Hi Luca,

EXOS does not support CoA, so this response from the switch is expected.

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