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switch to switch: Is it important to use cross over cables?

i have many switches to interconnect,does it required crossover cables?

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By default auto polarity is ON, you could use straight through cables itself for connecting the switches.

You might need to use cross over cables only when auto polarity is turned off.

it not necessary. you can you straight cable.
Extreme switch support auto-polarity and it on by default which help to automatically detect the other end link through straight cable.

Manas Ranjan
how to check that auto polarity is off or on?
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show ports information detail will show if polarity is enabled or not for the port
try this command show port information detail
Hello Sikander,

following is the command

Slot-1 16TH_FLR_SOUTH.5 # show ports 1:1 information detail
Virtual-router: VR-Default
Type: UTP
Random Early drop: Unsupported
Admin state: Enabled with auto-speed sensing auto-duplex
Link State: Ready
Link Ups: 0 Last: --
Link Downs: 0 Last: --
EDP: Disabled

EEE: Disabled
ELSM: Disabled
Ethernet OAM: Disabled
Learning: Enabled
Unicast Flooding: Enabled
Multicast Flooding: Enabled
Broadcast Flooding: Enabled
Jumbo: Disabled
Flow Control: Rx-Pause: Enabled Tx-Pause: Disabled
Priority Flow Control: Disabled
Reflective Relay: Disabled
Link up/down SNMP trap filter setting: Enabled
Egress Port Rate: No-limit
Broadcast Rate: No-limit
Multicast Rate: No-limit
Unknown Dest Mac Rate: No-limit
QoS Profile: None configured
Ingress Rate Shaping : Unsupported
Ingress IPTOS Examination: Disabled
Ingress 802.1p Examination: Enabled
Ingress 802.1p Inner Exam: Disabled
Egress IPTOS Replacement: Disabled
Egress 802.1p Replacement: Disabled
NetLogin: Disabled
NetLogin port mode: Port based VLANs
Smart redundancy: Enabled
Software redundant port: Disabled
IPFIX: Disabled Metering: Ingress, All Packets, All Traffic
IPv4 Flow Key Mask: SIP: DIP:
IPv6 Flow Key Mask: SIP: ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
DIP: ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff

auto-polarity: Enabled
Shared packet buffer: default
VMAN CEP egress filtering: Disabled
Isolation: Off
PTP Configured: Disabled
Time-Stamping Mode: None
Synchronous Ethernet: Disabled
Dynamic VLAN Uplink: Disabled
VM Tracking Dynamic VLANs: Disabled

Manas Ranjan