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Hi, I am running config, i have some updates...i would like to push new file with update.How can i do that? //i am factory resetting it and pushing new file, but there should be some better way!!(extreme x460 g2)

Also, can i have two files in switch and switch around.

I am pushing .xsf file, and loading script.
(if i load new file with some updates, it will give me errors for old already configured commands.)


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The .xsf file only needs to contain the new lines of command that we are looking to push out to the Summit X460G2.

It is possible to have multiple files on the switch. One of the easiest ways of swapping between configuration files would be to save the different configurations with different file names and swap between them with the "use configuration " command. Note, a reboot is required in order to load the newly selected configuration.

Also...can i push .txt or .cfg format file? and do "use configuration ?
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The "use configuration " command will only accept .cfg files. Please note, .cfg files must be in the XML format.

ok...i am lost....how you guys push configuration in blank device...i mean in which format?
.xsf is used to introduce changes
.cfg needs xml format
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There are multiple ways of pushing a configuration out to a new device. If we do not have a .cfg file in the XML format you can create an .xsf file and run the file as a script. If you do have a .cfg file that you would like to use the configuration can be used after transferring the file onto the switch and typing the "use configuration " command.

If there is a switch already configured in a manner you would like all other switches to be configured the .cfg file can be uploaded via TFTP then loaded onto the blank devices.

well...lets say,i created xsf file (as i cant write xml formate,so .cfg is not an option), and load it on to the device...system is up and running.

now during upgrade. I am not allowed to make changes on live system, also I cant push only changes.... i want to push whole file with updates. (i can't do it with load script, it will give me error for already configured stuff.).I should not be doing factory reset for each upgrade.

what should i do?

My reasons behind it:
- can't push only updates: sometime i dont know what other stuff have been configured apart from reference config.,so i don't trust what i unconfigure or make change only is good enough.also i can't check each device.
- Running file which you know is always best way.
- Factory reset each time on each device is not efficient way 🙂

Thank you in advance!!
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Hi Ravi,

So, we understand, you have an existing configuration in the switch.
Now you have some commands to be added to this existing configuration without rebooting or doing a factory default.

Using a script file is a better option for this.
But as you pointed out, if you are using the existing commands in the script, it will throw the warning that the command already exists or executed.

so, try to include only the new commands to the script and execute the command
load script <.xsf file name>

If you are not able to form a script only with the new commands, we can still use your script. Even though the error comes up, the script will still execute the other commands.
Hope this helps!!